Children Will Lead the Way!

Chances are that if you have heard about CBD, you have also likely have heard the debates about CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis especially as legalization and access to this complex plant is growing in every state across the United States. 

Did you know that a little girl named Charlotte is the main reason behind the passion?

The Legacy of Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi, and her family are the sparks that lit the fire that grew into a powerful movement.  Her story shifted the conversation about health and wellbeing and moved the country forward in ways that are profound and history making. The most heart moving aspects of her story where shared by Dr. Sunjay Gupta in his CNN Docuseries Weed. Her diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, and her family's advocacy for her wellbeing teamed with the compassion of the seven brothers who took on her battle and grew cannabis medicine for Charlotte make them pioneers in this industry. 

Charlotte's impact continues to light the way as we forge new paths for us all to access the amazing benefits of healing power of plant based medicine and improve access to and knowledge of Cannabis and CBD today.

Forging New Paths

The sudden and devastating passing of Charlotte at the age of 13 in April of 2020 made a significant impact on the Cannabis movement, and reminds us of the importance of forging new paths that honor the life that Charlotte fought so valiantly for. We are reminded of fragility of precious resources and renewed in our quests to protect vital resources. We commit ourselves in the strongest way possible to leverage our energy and resources with forces that advocate for safe and affordable access to life changing plant based medicine. 

Social Equity the Next Wave

Social equity is a term that explains the next wave in advocacy and change in hemp and cannabis.  We seek social equity to help families and communities that were harmed by the prohibition of cannabis and the ensuing war on drugs that targeted Black and Brown people for criminal punishment and loss of opportunities. The harm that is perpetuated by the systemic punishment and disenfranchisement of communities based on race is providing a second wind to hemp and cannabis legalization efforts and for good reason.  Social equity pursues justice and balance while advocating for access and quality for all.

Thank you Charlotte, your life and light are an inspiration for us all. 

Thank you CBD Community for being part of this amazing movement.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for.